About us
Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt. Ltd. a company floated to aggregate, commoditize and distribute the services in most convenient form to the consumers. The motto of the company is to give convenience and value to all its customers who are looking for travel, utility, e-Governance and entertainment related services. As a corporate we are committed to develop new strategies and influence business transformations with smart thinking expertise. Our business expertise aims to address the prevailing gaps in various service sectors.

We endeavor to influence business service modules by riding on the advantage of IT innovations. We work towards creating a technological environment which delivers high performance, saves time & money and higher customer satisfaction within the service sectors.

The service industry today is the fastest growing segment in India with a recorded 30% growth level. To assist the service providers bridge the gap of time, accessibility and convenience, SIPL provides them well customized services. This empowers the neighborhood convenience store with various services at click of a button to address their consumer needs as required.

Each product / services is created after an in-depth understanding of the market characteristics and the consumer profile to ensure the approach is well rewarded